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We are on an unstoppable mission to help brands create meaningful relationships with parents, kids and teens.

Kids and families are big business. Contemporary living, global economy and shifting aspirations have brought about some fascinating changes to family life and dynamics. We believe its never been a more exciting time for businesses to engage with families. So that’s where we come in.

We’re an ‘insight and ideas’ agency with research being the beating heart of our business, enabling us to have a continual dialogue and open window into the lives of the audiences we specialise in.

We solve briefs by being at the front line of family life and by understanding the world our clients operate in. No TPL mission is complete if our clients aren’t left feeling inspired, empowered with expert knowledge, and excited about the future.

We are also proud to be part of Firefish who have offices in the UK, US and Netherlands. Our unique relationship and integration with the award-winning Firefish team allows us to provide our clients with expertise in family research, whilst also benefiting from the resources of a larger agency.

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We draw from a bespoke toolbox of qualitative, quantitative and trend based approaches to solve client briefs in the most effective and creative way possible. Our projects are filled with insight from bespoke research fused with guided consultancy from our expertise in the kids and family markets. Our work is divided into three divisions which represent a child's journey from birth to teendom and our methodologies are tailored and designed to these lifestages accordingly. Whilst many of our projects feature mums and young people, we also research the extended family and encourage our clients to explore and consider other important but often forgotten family stakeholders including dads and grandparents.


When a baby is born mum is bombarded with brand messaging. We're on hand to ensure our clients cut through the clutter and are on top of what modern mums are thinking and feeling

While kids and parents navigate their way through the roller-coaster ride of childhood, we're there to help clients ensure sure they play a relevant and enriching role in kids' lives

Our collaborative approach and commitment to listening to teens ideas and opinions helps our clients to truly understand them and their needs


If you have a project involving families, then we can help and add value. We don’t specialise in one category but instead aim to work with at least one brand covering each lifestyle touch point for both kids and parents.

What we do really well at TPL is understand engagement. We know what gets mums attention, we know how to stop kids getting bored and we know how to collaborate with teens. Our innate understanding of how to engage impacts everything we do from how we design our methodologies to how we conduct our analysis and create presentations.

Most of our work is confidential, but have a scan below for a look at the types of projects we worked on in 2013…


We were lucky to work on one of the top boy band brands in the world. We helped their record label unlock the brand architecture and plan a future strategy, including new album, merchandising and digital communications. Sadly we're yet to meet them...


Video coming soon!



We conducted a 10 market study to understand what drives character engagement amongst mums of 0 – 6 year olds for a major kids media channel. We identified and measured key engagement drivers to understand how this effects mums' decision making when buying character branded consumer products.


We are quantitatively tracking a kids product for a popular restaurant chain. Measuring every promotion and communication, we're helping to unlock the key to communication success and understand the messages and ideas that really capture the hearts of kids and parents.


Working with a major mobile handset brand we visited 3 markets to film and observe their use of 'screens' in the family home. An exciting digital ethnography approach to the project revealed new insights into how the smartphone can work harder to make family life easier and more enjoyable.


We work regularly with one of the leading console brands. We test games globally, work on the strategic positioning of the master and sub brands and are hands on with the development of a kids and family strategy. In one study, we visited 4 markets to deep dive into the meaning of family play and understand the role of gaming within this.


We're a trusted partner to one of the UK's largest kids' soft drinks brands. We've helped them design, plan and implement a new strategy for growth in the UK and internationally. We've been to India, the US and scoured the UK high and low to understand what makes mum happy and how this can be balanced with making sure the brand is considered cool and relevant to kids.


To ensure we remain at the cutting edge of trends, hot topics and talking points in the world of kids and family, we've developed several in-house tools and resources that embellish our work and provide our clients with added value. Read all about them here and get in touch if you'd like a free presentation on anything you like the look of

This is our elite panel of switched on, articulate, opinion leader kids. Based in the UK and US (and growing internationally) these kids are the 'voices for their peer group'. They work with us regularly providing street reports, attending client events and consulting directly for the brands who desperately seek their approval. This is no ordinary panel: these kids are an extended part of our team; we are proud of and cherish our relationship with them



If you want branding success with young people, you need to understand cool. It's a simple fact, cool brands are more engaging and therefore more profitable. But can cool be engineered, and what does it really mean to this generation? Project Cool explains all. Working closely with miniMDs aged 8 -14 and surveying over 2000 more kids, we broke cool down into brand drivers, measured them and sussed out why kids award brands such a cool status. The study is relevant to brands across all categories and is a free resource for all our clients; get in touch to set up your free cool workshop...all we ask for is a brief in return :)

2014 sees the follow up to Project Cool and this time we're investigating fun. At a time when kids lives are increasingly over structured with tonnes to fit in, there's a notable need to cut loose and have some spontaneous fun freedom. But fun comes in all shapes and sizes and as a brand it's important to hit the right type and tone of fun suitable to your audience. In this study we're creating a fun framework to allow brands to make strategic decisions about the type of the fun they want to communicate. Watch this space for more news on this coming soon.

New for 2014 we've launched the ultimate expert sounding board. Made up of a carefully crafted group of ultra-informed, parenting gurus, this is an inspiring and invigorating research and consultancy tool that will shock, wow and inform clients. Put your brand, ideas and concepts into the hands of our power panel and we'll propel you toward the most optimal, profitable solution for your brand after just one session


We're one of the few family and kids specialists who conduct robust quant and qual research globally. About 50% of our business is in international research. This provides us with a continual global dialogue with families around the globe and a holistic understanding of family culture and dynamics. With offices in London and New York we service from clients from the UK, Europe and the USA guaranteeing a gold standard of research wherever we travel via our unique and powerful network of partners and affiliates.



Did we mention we love a good chat? If you're a client or someone who thinks you'd like to work with us pick up your phone, your mouse or your feet and come say hello! We'd love to hear from you.

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