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The agency for those who embrace their inner child.

Who We Are

Meet our maker

Emma Worrollo produced her first child and first business – The Pineapple Lounge – in the same year. Her goal for both remains this: make life as exciting, creative and fulfilling as possible.

Our Purpose

Growing up, together

We all start there. Childhood. Coming of age. Discovering who we are – or who we might be. It’s been a universally shared experience for centuries. And brands have always played a role.

Yet today, the context in which these formative years take place is mind-blowingly unique. The world has changed. It’s hard to surface what really matters. It’s easy to get distracted.

Our purpose at The Pineapple Lounge is to connect brands directly with the deepest needs and desires of young people.

Emerging generations will disrupt the world for the better. But they’ll need everyone’s help getting there. Are you with us?

Our Ethics

Rest easy, parents:
We’re in it for everyone.

We see you gatekeeper. And we’re glad you’re here.

You see, we’re parents ourselves – and aunts, and uncles, and guardians, grandparents, children, siblings and human beings. As people, and as a company, we’re committed to making sure the world benefits from our work. All of our solutions have something in them for everyone.

We believe in helping young people establish healthy habits and behaviors. We believe in encouraging play, creativity and expression. We believe in empowering choice, possibility and opportunity. And we believe in having FUN.

Our ethics extend beyond our organizational philosophy. We adhere to international regulations and exceed the standards of third-party organizations.

Have questions about our privacy and compliance policies?

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United by our passion to help next generation youth find a purposeful place in the world.

We have brown hair, and pink hair. We love cartoons. We obsess over documentaries. We started our careers using acetate or an iPad. We like soccer and we like singing. We’re all different, but we’re all pineapples.

Jem Fawcus

Group CEO

Calmer of seas. Catcher of trout. Considers working with Emma his greatest accomplishment.

Emma Worrollo


Color personified. Shakes the dust. Raised a company and two kids simultaneously.

Dee Cahill

Managing Director - Operations

Keeps the figurative trains running on time. Traded life on the farm for the streets of London.

Riwanon Gestin

Managing Director - Strategy

Translates global teen trends on a local level. Sold veggie burgers at Glastonbury in the 90s.

Ellie Green

Strategy Director

School-teacher-turned-Pineapple. Equally as passionate about butter as she is about food trends.

Laura Christian

Strategy Director

Reads between the lines to reap insight from body language. Living, breathing, nappy changing ninja.

Lorna Moss

Strategy Director

Globally nomadic Gen Z decoder. One-time baby movie star.

Martyn Hill

Business Development Director

Master of ceremonies and marketing genius. Retired game show contestant.

Jude Legg

Director of Information & Policy

Maintains her sense of humor while dealing with the heavy stuff. Has a secret allotment.

Caroline Kwan

Group Head of Finance

Speaks fluently in finance acronyms. Built a garden for her beloved fairies.

Chrystal Switzer

Assistant Accountant

Preps accounts. Rocks tattoos. Possesses superhero-level attention to detail.

Ben Hayden

Finance Assistant

Finds novelty in numbers. Grew up in the 'Garden of England'.

Meera Patel

Junior Management Accountant

Tech-minded only child. Knows an excel formula for that.

Holly Romero

Office & Operations Co-Ordinator

Former Hack Squad member turned office whizz kid. Placed first in a Hermione lookalike competition.
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