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Your future-proof strategy starts here.

Hack squad

Say hello to a brighter future.

The world’s most ingenious, influential and enterprising kids, teens, and parents all have seats at our conference room table. They are essential in shaping the ideas that future-proof your brand.

hack squad

Your key to unlocking cultural energies.

They are sneaker-wearing superheros. Social movement makers. Gender-bending identity explorers. Way cooler than we were at their age. They are the Hack Squad.


Gen Z, Mexico

Aspiring film maker and politics expert. Fierce competitor on her school's debate team.


Gen Z Artist , Australia

Could draw before he could walk. Infatuated with fashion and the color pink.


Gen Z, UK

Expert toy trendspotter. Japanese art and culture enthusiast.


Gen Z, Japan

Multilingual enthusiast. Shares moments of everyday life via YouTube.


Gen Z, Spain

Gaming influencer and Roblox enthusiast. Boasts 53K Youtube Followers.


Gen Z, Singapore

Tween inventor with an eye for international lifestyle trends.

Louise and Elliott

Gen Z Siblings, France

Design savvy brother and sister influenced by Parisian architecture and fashion.


Millennial Mom, South Korea

Former lawyer turned kawaii connoisseur. Shares tips and travel recs on YouTube

Nerd Burger

Millennial, Australia

Lifelong geek. Talks collecting comics and kawaii on her blog and YouTube.


Gen Z, USA

Modern day DaVinci. Into all things science, philanthropy, music and tech.

Off the Grid with a Kid

Millennial Mum & Son, USA

The anti 9 - 5. Enjoying a family vacation with no end date.

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What does the future look like?

Ever wish you knew what was going on inside a child’s mind? Now’s your chance to find out. These insights come straight from the brains of the Hack Squad.

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