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wagamama Reviving Restaurant Menu Options for Kids

Communicating and positioning wagamama’s kid-targeted plant-based options to drive inclusivity and variety for families.

As a trailblazer in plant-based dining, family-friendly restaurant wagamama embarked on a refresh of their kids’ offer to include new vegan and vegetarian menu items. The challenge and key to success was getting the balance right: retaining appeal with all families, herbivore and omnivore, whilst pushing the needle on brand values.

With a decade of work in the kids’ and family market, we combined existing knowledge, data and Pineapple Lounge intuition on how to land messaging with parents and children, with some fresh primary insights. We spent a full day in a wagamama restaurant with family diners understanding their needs, decision making and attitudes to the new menu ideas. We also added some consultancy to the mix, bringing in some members of our Hack-Squad who represent the fringe and future side of food and dietary habits and attitudes.

We unlocked some key brand strengths that provided a hook for a short-term strategic route. Playfulness and experimentation are unique components of the wagamama dining experience and something kids and parents return for. This also helped us to inspire the #tofuchallenge which leant into parent aspirations for their kids to try new foods and be open to new cuisines and flavours…all delivered with a bit of playful fun in an authentic wagamama style. Read more about the launch and see the menu here.

And find out mum-blogger Tigerlilly Quinn’s take on the tofu challenge here.

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