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Suave Personal Care - The Tween Way

Translating tween needs into a product line just for them.

Middle childhood is a unique time where young people want to take strides away from kiddom. But many of today’s young people still love being a kid and aren’t stampeding to teenage years or adulthood as quickly as previous generations. Hyper relevance matters and this is often an age group with untapped opportunity.

Unilever’s personal care brand Suave came to us with a brief that set about to leverage this opportunity with a global goal of bridging the kid-to-adult transition with a range designed and branded for tweens’ unique needs.

We needed a method that would be agile and efficient but allow us to hear from tweens first-hand about their personal care world, routines and what was on their wish list. Video calls provided an ideal platform to achieve this and enabled us to get individual reactions to a range of concepts and see which sat closer to their culture.

One concept centred around fun flavor mash-ups aligned with tweens craving sensorial stimulation, as seen in other play patterns they are passionate about like slime, ASMR and bath bombs.

The output provided an optimised route for launch including range, flavors and design, and our intuitive knowledge and closeness to the target led to a follow-up piece of consultancy where we worked with our tween Hack Squadders to name the range – and this is how the Suave Flavor Factory was born.

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