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Kik Creating Emojional Experiences

Founded to make cross-carrier communications free and easy, Kik has paved the way for accessible and intuitive mobile chat. The app allows users to chat with whoever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want – regardless of country code, mobile carrier or device type.

Nearly half of daily users send messages containing an emoji. And the use of symbols to exchange information is especially common among teens. As a generation of visual communicators, teens express themselves in symbols, stories, memes and GIFS. They want the right emoji for the right moment, and they get frustrated when they can’t find it.

To better serve the needs and desires of Gen Z, Kik asked us to assemble a squad of culturally-savvy, well connected teens. With them, we explored visual motivations and behaviours, identified pain points and areas of opportunity. We illuminated what teens really want from their chat experience – and how Kik can deliver.

Our collaborative creative workshops yielded an engaging user experience designed by and for Gen Z. We followed on with small and easy updates to help Kik create more emoji impact now and in the future.

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