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Danone Intuiting Gen Alpha

What comes after Z? Alpha. Born after 2010, most often to millennial parents, Generation Alpha is growing at a rate of 2.5 million children per week – all of whom have their own abilities, interests and ideas.

Global food brand Danone recognized the urgency to understand life through Gen Alpha’s lens. What unites them globally? How are they different from their Gen Z siblings? And more specifically, how could their Danonino brand evolve to better serve Alpha families?

To unlock these and other insights, we immersed ourselves in the lives of 80 families from around the globe. Our team of experts explored the attitudes, needs, motivations and play patterns of Alphas and their millennial parents. Through in-home immersions, our one-of-a-kind Kid Vision and interactive workshops, we identified everyday tensions affecting the lives of families worldwide.

Our insights enabled the Danonino team to develop a unified global vision for the brand. Incorporating their existing values, we helped them think intuitively about Gen Alpha families. Our ideas also allowed Danonino to get a jump on creating relevant connections right away and continue to inform their current strategy.

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