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Arsenal Shaping the Superfan Experience

Arsenal Football Club won the hearts of North London youth when it was founded in 1886. It was London’s first team to turn pro, and the first to become English League Champions. To this day, Arsenal holds the record for the longest run of unbeaten matches and boasts a league-topping 13 Football Association Cup titles.

Despite its history of victories, Arsenal needed to build a base of lifelong fans who would remain loyal, regardless of what happened on the pitch. The football club turned to The Pineapple Lounge to guide them to another win – this time with young fans.

We jumped on the opportunity to help strengthen the team’s bond with Gen Z. Our layered qualitative and consultative approach brought together fans from ages 7 to 19 to explore the ideal membership proposition. We used exploratory hangouts, small group assessments, digital communities, app testing and extensive workshops to co-create the ultimate youth membership experience.

Our digital strategy and recommendations provided Arsenal with a future-proof path forward and an award-winning app for young fans – the first kid-centric Premier League app on the market. Since working together, the football club has maintained record youth-membership retention. GOOOALLLL!