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By Eleanor Pritchard, Gen Z Fashionista What's on My Grid

Instagram accounts to follow

Eleanor is an ethical fashion expert and blogger based in the U.K. She started blogging in 2015 at age 14 to raise her peers’ awareness of affordable, ethical clothing choices.

She believes her blog has the power to change people’s opinions by helping them see the human and environmental contributions to the clothes we wear. Eleanor’s commitment to humanitarian causes extends beyond the fashion industry however. She recently had the opportunity to work at the UN.

Eleanor recently offered us a peak into her Instagram feed. She explains what’s on her grid, who she follows, and why.

With constantly evolving aesthetic trends and the ongoing controversy of accounts buying followers, it’s easy to have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. It can be damaging to someone’s mental health whilst also consuming their attention for 2+ hours at a time. I don’t think it has to be that way. If you so desire, the accounts you follow can inspire and encourage you to flourish in equal measure – bringing real life issues onto an online platform. Take Girlfriend Collective for example. Their feed promotes body positivity, exploration outdoors and within oneself, ethical manufacturing and environmental consciousness.

Girlfriend collective instagram

The first sphere of Instagram accounts worth following belong to fashion brands that are changing how the industry works. After abandoning (and unfollowing) brands such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters in an attempt to rid myself of a fast fashion-mindset, I started following more ethical and sustainable brands that post more than just images of the clothing they sell. This includes @girlfriend. While selling super sustainable gym wear, they also post sustainability tips. In fact, if you post something sustainable that is out of the norm and use hashtag #goodjobgf, then you can get 30% off your next purchase! This isn’t sponsored, they’re just a great brand.

Continuing in the ethical clothing category, @palomawool is a brand I love. Their Instagram account is an amalgamation of beautiful pieces that sell, all made in Spain. Although their clothing isn’t the most affordable on my student budget, they offer great inspiration. I love following vintage clothing brands like @imparfaitparis and @dirty_disco for the same reason.

Sustainable fashion brand

Another set of accounts I follow are all about empowerment! @wyl_store shares inspiration and real conversation about daily life. They also post ethical brands that cater to every budget almost every day. @femalenarratives is a hub of creative greatness. And if you want broader help with the ethical fashion market at large, @fash_rev is fantastic. They suggest ways that anyone can support the fashion revolution. You’ll not only feel more conscious after engaging with the account, it may help you inspire others too!

If there is one account I recommend you follow, it would be @gurlstalk. Gurls Talk was founded by the model Adwoa Aboah and promotes itself as a safe space to share and listen. It brings realness to social media by championing speech on a platform that often feels edited. It offers great advice and holds nothing back when it comes to the reality of daily experiences for girls and women. I think it is such an important Instagram account to follow and promote!

Gurls talk instagram

Instagram should be about following accounts and people that you love, possibly aspire to, but by no means emulate. It’s important to remember that we all put an enhanced image of ourselves online and so do the people we follow. I hope that these accounts inspire you. They have definitely opened up and improved my social media experience.