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By Fraser, Gen Z Gaming Influencer What Creativity Means to Me

Most people think being creative means doing arts and crafts, but it can be so much more than that. For me, being creative means putting your own spin on things.

An idea doesn’t have to be fully original or solely your own. For example, when I record, I play a game someone else made. It’s editing and adding commentary and other awesome things which make it a creative activity for me. Recording isn’t just turning on the camera and speaking – I also must think of a cool and exciting story to tell.

To put it simply, anyone can be creative, even people who think they aren’t.

About Fraser

Fraser is a content creator, gaming influencer and Roblox enthusiast.

His love of gaming and Roblox inspired the creation of a YouTube channel, where he quickly built a 47k global fanbase. His videos and online streams have sparked collaborations with Roblox and the BBC. He’s also designed his own games and published his own Roblox story.

When Fraser is not gaming or keeping up with his fans, he enjoying hanging out and mastering advanced gaming skills with his older brother.