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By Gemma Martinez, Project Director Spilling the Juice on How We Boss Kids' Recruitment

Kids recruitment

Kids. We love working with them. They are at the centre of what we do, an extension of our team, and the foundations of our thinking. They educate us and our clients and keep us connected with everything that is bubbling up in their world. Ask for their opinion and they will, under the right conditions, tell you exactly how it is. No filter. Just pure honesty.

But those conditions are paramount to producing great kids’ fieldwork. Our expert team of strategists is skilled at making kids feel comfortable in these sessions, asking the right questions, and observing the nuances of child behaviour. But this is all lost if you don’t have the right kid involved. This is where TPL’s field experience lies.

Kids’ recruitment is fraught with challenges. There is no one size fits all, blanket approach applied to our projects. Each is unique; where one child may excel at being part of a team in a group discussion environment, this scenario is another child’s worst nightmare. So we build a bespoke approach to reflect this.

Who are our best recruitment sources? What personality is best suited for this type of session? Do we want to speak to Creatives or Opinion Leaders? What sets of questions will achieve this? Is our language kid-friendly and right for this age target? What can we do to make the screening process engaging for them? The language and questions designed for an 8-year-old will be very different for a 13-year-old. We have been observing and speaking to Gen Z for the last ten years…and we know the questions to ask.

We have built a solid team of external partners we regularly work with. This network is made up of schools, consultants, networks, communities, and recruiters that we tap into to open up our reach for finding the right kids to take part.

Fundamental to the process is speaking to the child before we meet at the session – dual screening both child and parent. It’s integral to the credibility of the research that we select the right child in line with the parameters of the project but equally, that we give the child the opportunity to opt in and say that they want to take part. They will often ‘meet’ us a few times before the day of fieldwork; we might facetime, message them or send over an intro clip introducing ourselves on camera so they feel as though they have met us. All of these small but important details contribute to making the child feel more comfortable in the lead up and on the day.

At The Pineapple Lounge, we are here to give kids and young people the opportunity to voice their experiences and have a say in how brands and businesses communicate with them, whether in a creative workshop, panel, or film. We’ve never been afraid to push boundaries, test new methodologies and ways of working with children. We don’t put limits on what our respondents can do; we put the right framework and process in place in order for them to shine, have fun, and feel listened to, no matter the methodology.

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