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By Ellie Green & Nicole Keklik Pets

Hack Squad Pets

The love for pets amongst families has been on the up for a little while now, but over the past year we’ve seen their status elevated from fluffy companions to worshipped deities – with surging adoption rates and pet Christmas gift spending to match.

There are so many reasons why kids and parents love their pets, but it’s their contented, mindful approach to life that’s really chiming right now. More than ever, families are looking for joy in the small things, by living in the moment and making fun out of nothing. When it comes to this mindset, pets are the ultimate lifestyle guru, with skyrocketing Insta influence to prove it.

Scroll down to watch the Hack Squadders talking about why they love their furry friends!

They’re also stepping up to meet a crucial childhood need that can feel neglected in the current climate: social development. As access to playing face-to-face with friends continues to be reduced, kids are instinctively turning toward substitutes that offer up continued nurture of social skills. These include parents, siblings, content with real kids their age, social gaming and of course…pets!

What’s more, with Pinterest predicting a trend for scalier species, they’re also a way for families to indulge their fascination with the natural world, learn new ways to nurture – and in an era of serious cabin fever – transform homes and gardens into rivers, forests and jungles.

Finally, here’s our reel of some of our Hack Squadders telling us what’s so wonderful about their own little balls of fluff.

January Juice – Pets from The Pineapple Lounge on Vimeo.

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