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The Pineapple Lounge Newsletter Archive

The Juice

In case you wanted to take a look back at some vintage Juices, here’s the archive…

February 2020 covered:

  • TikTok: The New Epicentre of Gen Z Culture?
  • Spilling the Juice on How We Boss Kids’ Recruitment
  • The Rise of Climate Anxiety in Gen Z and Gen Alpha
  • Life in the Lounge: What We’re Working On

December 2019 covered:

  • 5 Principles for Kid-Centric Moderation
  • Watch: Meet some of the Hack Squad
  • Bye-Bye Baby Shower; Make Way for Mother Blessings
  • Kids’ Eating: From Comfort Zone to Courageous
  • Introducing our Official Pineapple Pinterest
  • Happy Holidays from TPL

October 2019 covered: 

  • The ‘Greta Effect’ and what it means for brands
  • Suave – Flavor Factory
  • Listen now: The Pineapple Lounge Podcast
  • UK’s first outdoors primary school opens in London
  • TEAM NEWS: Swipe Up #Goals and Baby 3.0

September 2019 covered: 

  • Watch Now: Q&A with Aaron
  • Astroworld: Why astrology, witch culture and related mysticism are having a moment
  • Listen now: The Pineapple Lounge Podcast
  • Palm Oil Secret

August 2019 covered:

  • Watch Now: Gen Z – Explore Our World
  • Do You Eat to Live, or Live to Eat?
  • Want to Give Voice to Gen Z? Try a Podcast
  • Culture Next: Spotify Reports on Gen Z

June 2019 covered:

  • Listen Now: The Pineapple Lounge Podcast
  • A Gen Z Content Creator on Creativity
  • Need to Expand Your Curiosity Capacity?
  • Making the Most of Family Mealtime
  • Special Report: Z’s Face the Future

May 2019 covered:

  • Live from the Internet! The All-New
  • Cos(metic) Play: The Meaning Behind Social Media Makeup Challenges
  • Open-Ended Play Is on the Rise, but What Is It?
  • In-Car Screen Time: Yay or Nay?
  • In Their Own Words: NYT on Gen Z

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