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By Emma Worrollo, Founder and Chief Creative Officer Our New Website: A Fresh Look to Match Our Fresh Output

Our new website is here! And with it, a new approach, look and feel to our social media channels and client updates.

The evolution and progression you see online reflects changes within the business. In response to in-house talent and client demand, we’ve shifted our positioning to a full-service business consultancy with expertise in Generation Alpha, Gen Z and millennial parents. While we continue to champion primary research, we also now work across complimentary areas:

Brand Forensics

I realise this should be a formal announcement. A press release-worthy memo talking about the thinking behind our aesthetic, business plans and vision. But I never have been great at the formal (dull). So instead, it’s me – Emma – writing this. I am the founder and Chief Creative Officer, now living my 9th year of life at The Pineapple Lounge.

I confess, this process has not been easy. It’s definitely taken far too long. Why does no one talk about that when these things land? I will.

You see, a slick website, an active social media social presence, and being ‘omnipresent’ are all increasingly essential touchpoints in the landscape of modern business. They are things we advise our clients on all the time. And they are things we need to do well ourselves in a fiercely competitive and fast-changing industry.

But servicing clients, unpacking their briefs, and coming up with ideas and solutions has always come first at The Pineapple Lounge. That’s how I grew the business from day one, and that’s how we’ve continued to grow it as a team. Great work. Great relationships. A commitment to sharpening our expertise. Sometimes that shows up online. But more often than not, it’s only visible to those directly involved.

Nine years in, however, we possess a mind-blowing amount of knowledge. We have a lot to say.

As the industry wakes up to the significance of Gen Z, we’re in the luxurious position of sitting on top of a wealth of insight and intuition. We’ve been studying them since they were in diapers. But for me, that’s motivation to stay ahead. Like our clients, we must continually respond to the disruptive commercial landscape. That’s why we’ve already set our sights to Gen Alpha, Gen Z’s younger peers.

A colleague recently reminded me how many agencies start, how many fail, how many aren’t able to grow beyond the founders. We are still here, still growing, continually refreshing our role and relevance to clients. And that’s a story to be proud of. A story to be told with boldness, colour and confidence. Our new digital imprint reflects that. We hope you enjoy exploring it as much as we’ve enjoyed the journey to get here.