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By Ellie Green Emotive tokens

Project Co-ordinator

As screen time has rocketed this year and with the gifting season fresh in people’s minds, we are observing a craving for in-the-hand tokens of play and love passed between friends, family and peers. Searchable terms like #LetterboxGifting and #HappyPost have risen and we’ve also noted small brands designing directly to the need for people to deliver letterbox-ready expressions of joy, care and fun.

Here are a few dimensions to the trend worth looking out for:


The transitional moments of life keep ticking over but, when we can’t show up for friends and family as we’d like – small tokens which feel like a hug are plugging a gap. We’re talking patches, pin badges, certificates and postcards like this tiny little patch from Mutha.hood which parents started gifting and sewing into the sleeves of kids’ uniform for a hidden burst of strength to accompany them during the big return back to school.


Many of us are feeling sensorially deprived at the moment, and no one more so than this generation of slime, ASMR and bubble-tea loving-kids! The shift to schooling via screens has created a hunger for welcome breaks of tactile learning and crafting to share with families, whether that’s kneading stinky, bubbly blobs of sourdough or making art and science via the likes of KiwiCo’s STEM Crates and Sculpd’s pottery kits.


The rainbow drawings in windows which have been iconic around the world have left their mark with tangible tokens still continuing to bring spontaneous play to the everyday. Mini fairy doors and toadstools have introduced fantasy trails into neighbourhoods and painted stones have travelled between friends; ready to hide, pocket and treasure.

We’ve put together a full round up of this trend which is available to view via our new revamped issue of The Juice which you can view here.

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