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By Cazz (aka Nerd Burger) The Creative Kidult: What Creativity Means to Me


Cazz (aka Nerd Burger) takes pride in being a lifelong geek. She talks collecting, comics and kawaii on her blog and YouTube channel, and is our Hack Squad expert on all things vintage and nostalgic.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Cazz takes frequent trips to cosplay and anime conventions. Her Instagram and YouTube Channel Nerd Burger, began as a place to showcase jewellery pieces. It’s now home to a colourful mix of content on crafts, comics, 80s and 90s TV and film, horror movies, kawaii fashion and geek culture.

Cazz spends her free time searching for vintage toys, creating travel vlogs, and reading retro comics. Here she shares her thoughts on what creativity means to her and how it makes her feel…

The best part about being creative is that it makes even the most boring jobs more fun.

Take grocery shopping for example.

When heading to the grocery store to buy milk, I pencil in pink eyebrows to match my hair. I choose a comic book shirt and apply a matching glitter to my face. Round out my ensemble with Spiderman or Justice League shoes, pins of comic characters and my comic vest, and by the time I arrive at the store, I’m feeling great. I’ve created a look, a feeling.

It pays off instantly. I catch smiles. People talk to me all the time because of my appearance. It makes me happy knowing someone else’s mundane trip to buy bread ended in a smile. Not a moment goes by when I’m not thinking about what I can create for myself and for others.

I always need to be busy. Before I had hobbies, I often felt anxious, like I was wasting my time. Now I spend 90 percent of my life creating – be it my work at the comic store, assembling outfits, filming YouTube videos or crafting at home. I’ve also chosen jobs that allow me to create in many different ways. At the comic store, I make displays for upcoming book releases. I craft a new costume to wear for Free Comic Book Day each year. And to help sell the new comics we get each week, I write entertaining blog posts.

It is the best feeling in the world when a customer tells me they purchased a comic because of what I wrote or a great display. It makes me feel like I am helping the comic book industry and breaking down terrible stereotypes of comic book stores.

Of course, my favourite way to be creative is in making videos for my YouTube channel, Nerd Burger. I get to combine my passions, all the things that make people smile into one tight little package. Whether I’m sharing my latest toy finds, talking about new comics or sharing a great outfit, YouTube allows for an endless output of creativity. I hope I never have to stop.