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Youth Marketing Conference 2014

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“Youth market turned off by information overload from digital and social media”


Today’s youth is not nearly as enamoured with digital and social media as conventional marketing wisdom would suggest, according to a panel of 16- to 24-year-olds speaking at Marketing magazine’s Youth Marketing Conference. The panel of five youth consumers said that belying the stereotype of young people glued to their LCD screens, they felt a greater desire to live “in the real world, where you’re not put in a silo”.


Harriet, aged 22, said that technology was becoming intimidating and said she often “felt trapped”.


“When I was at school, social media was a real distraction,” she said. “Now I’m out in the real world I don’t get anything from it anymore; I don’t like to see what everyone is up to on Facebook and Twitter – all those sources I find overwhelming.”


She said that she would prefer accessing information in more aggregated form rather than in short bursts.


Meanwhile, one panellist said that mobile phones have “become more of an addiction than a habit, almost worse than cigarettes”. Checking your phone every five minutes, he added, was “like checking your fridge every five minutes – nothing new is going to appear in your fridge”.


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