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What I want to be in the future

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A question heard around 106 times a month by young people around the world: “what do you want to be when you’re older?” There are several reasons why I despise answering this question, the main reason being: it’s far too vague and ambiguous.  I want to be positive, I want to experience different aspects of life, and I want to learn about myself… If one’s argument to that would be “I meant job-wise, what you want to do as a career?” then I should simply just roll my eyes and proceed to answer plainly. The reason for my dislike toward this question would be that I believe somebody’s job does not define who they are. Yes, it plays a large role in their life and what they do but it’s not the specific title they’re given that matters, it is the qualities they obtain and the dedication they put forward that really describes who somebody is. When John Lennon was asked by his school teachers this bland, boring question, he told them he wanted to be happy. “They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, I told them they didn’t understand life.” He always was one for wise words, wasn’t he?


Anyway, sorry, off topic (I do that a lot). What do I want to be… positive, experienced and learning. You could say that I’m lazy for not choosing a career to work into or I can’t be bothered aspiring to anything, but that’s not true; I do have goals and I’m writing this during work experience right now. I just don’t believe those goals are very interesting to talk about or say enough about me. The only thing between me and my aspirations are exams, patience and hard work. Honestly, deep down I do think I should be a bit more worried or scared of not reaching my dreams in the future (especially as there are so many issues with unemployment and recession etc.) but doing so would only hold me back from trying to actually achieve it. Currently, the only thoughts in my head are to: work hard, be kind, and enjoy myself. That’s how I envisage getting my future.


Working with The Pineapple Lounge has been a genuinely benefiting experience. Instead of making cups of tea and replacing the staples for the stapler every so often, I was given tasks like interviewing people, writing up a discussion guide and making a presentation. It’s incredibly intriguing working with children because you’re listening to this generation’s opinions to then observe on. Even though I’m just a 14 year old girl working for one week only, I certainly haven’t been treated like that. I enjoyed having my own laptop to work on, being given freedom to complete tasks and lastly how lovely everybody is to you. Being here for a week has encouraged me even more to get my qualifications, start building up a career early and think about where I really want to be in 10 years time. This week has been so inspiring and I am extremely grateful for it.



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