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Tammy and Lucy’s adventure at the 2015 London Toy Fair

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We live in a time where kids are playing more than ever on their devices and screens. However, on visiting the 2015 London Toy Fair, Lucy and I were delighted to see that the toy industry is doing anything but declining. The British toy market has in fact INCREASED by 4.4% in 2014; this is the best result since 2010. This was helped by the toy sales on Black Friday that increased by 10% as shoppers snapped up big ticket items and electronic toys. Black Friday sales exceeded those of the week before Christmas which is traditionally the largest selling week in the toy market. On our visit to the Toy Fair it is easy to see why this increase has occurred. The toys on offer are better than ever before, we really saw something for everyone. There was such a wide range of toys, from classic dolls and cuddly toys, to interesting building toys, to magic and tech toys – we were blown away by all the exciting things to look at and play with.



We loved the cute care bears and weren’t surprised that frozen was EVERYWHERE. Elsa’s sparkling Lego castle was particularly amazing. Twister has become all high-tech and now you can match your feet to the flashing colours in time to hip hop beats to score. Also the Crayola Colour Alive packs were especially cool. They come with a special pen – such as a Pixie Dust pen or a Fire Breath pen – which, when used to colour in will create an awesome magical effect when you hold an iOS or Android device (with the free Colour Alive app) over the colouring in – wow! The selfie craze doesn’t look like it will be stopping any time soon either – now you can create one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces using selfies taken by you and your friends. We told you there was some amazing stuff.



Whilst we were walking around the fair, mesmerised by the toys on offer, we couldn’t help but think about the trends of 2014. At TPL we think that 2014 was an awesome year for toys what with Frozen being huge, Minecraft figures, Nerf guns and so much more. As the loom band craze seems to be fizzling out, we wonder what will be taking its place…we think the trend to make cool things out of duct tape is growing – so keep your eyes open for that in 2015. Whilst it’s impossible to predict what will be the biggest toy trend of 2015 with all the exciting things on offer, there is one thing we are sure about: toys, play and fun won’t be going out of fashion any time soon!





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