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Sport & Role Models

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Sport is life to me as I am more or less always playing, watching or following sport. For me I find it engaging and when I am playing I just get lost in my own world. It is a good way of exercising and keeping fit as other ways can be less enjoyable. I think for kids my age sport is necessary as for many of them it is the only exercise they get. Umpteen kids spend most of their time playing video games or involved with technology, the only type of exercise they may get is through sport at school or with friends.


For people that are sport enthusiasts, like me, technology is very helpful now as you can follow or watch sport. Mainly I hog the TV to watch the sports channels however when that is not possible I often use Sky Go, ESPNCricInfo, Sky Sports Football Centre and BBC Sport. I’ve recently been watching the Common Wealth Games and only two years ago, the Olympics. I think they have inspired me to try new sports as I have started to learn how to ride a bike, which I have never had the want to do before. I think this is the same with other people my age and maybe has made a bigger impact as I already play a wide range of sports. However just having a wide range of sports on the television doesn’t mean kids are going to be bothered to take part in them so I think schools and other organisations should promote smaller sports as many kids may find a sport that can keep them healthy and entertained.


As I am a huge fan of sport, I have sporting role models like many others. My two main sporting role models are Alastair Cook and Martine Wright. Alastair Cook is the England cricket captain and has gone through a tough period in his career. Recently England has lost most of their matches with Cook not performing well as a batsmen or a captain. However, in the last few games against India he has picked up. Under pressure from the media, he has started to perform and turned the series around, meaning that England won 3 -1.


Alastair-Cook (the Guardian)


My second role model, Martine Wright, is not as well known. She is a sitting volleyball player who competes for Great Britain. Martine Wright lost both of her legs in a horrific way. On the 7th of July 2005, Martine was travelling to work on the London underground when suicide bombers detonated explosives and killed 52 people and injured many. She has now made the most of her life and has become a sitting volleyball player, and a very successful one too. The reason that they are my role models is because they have come through hard times and overcome them, they have shown that they have a strong character to continue through their problems.


Martine Wright


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