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Rachel, 15: Fashion Trends & YouTube Vloggers

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The Pineapple Lounge London

  I decided to write my blog on how I discover fashion and trends, focusing on YouTube and vloggers, because fashion is something we are constantly surrounded and influenced by and I find it so interesting the way that trends and styles change and circulate. I also wanted to talk about YouTube vloggers and YouTube ‘celebrities’ because although from the outside they all seem the same, there is far more meaning and influence in world of YouTube and blogging than there seems!   This year […]

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Liar Liar: The Truth About Kids & Research

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“The challenge of kids’ research is that you are continually dealing with ‘insight gob-stoppers’ – the sticky, sugar coating they wrap around their answers. Kids contradict themselves and each other, they are fickle, they change their minds, they copy each other and sometimes they just talk about something entirely unrelated. It’s the job of the researcher to work their way to the centre. There you will discover solid, powerful insights – the dynamite.”     TPL’s MD, Emma Worrollo has written a guest post over […]

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Tom, Age 14 – Gaming Blog: Me & Gaming

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I love games, hence the whole of this blog will be based on gaming.  At The Pineapple Lounge (TPL) I created a presentation on gaming over a week’s work placement, as well as learning about what TPL does and helping out here and there with various things.  It was an insanely good experience, I loved it!   Gaming has become a great interest of mine and very many others of my generation.  I’ve been in love with technology from as far back as I can […]

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Toy Blog: Holiday to Florida and Disney Infinity by Jared, 10

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  Jared, 10, Toy Blog: Holiday to Florida and Disney Infinity   So I have been back from Florida a week now and I am missing the sun. I stocked up on Abercrombie Kids clothes while I was there (they don’t sell kids sizes in the UK). I also got some new Nikes , they are really comfortable.   In the Disney store I got a Frankenweenie figure and some Vinylmation Phineas and Ferb characters that I haven’t seen here.   I really like the […]

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Sport & Role Models

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  Sport is life to me as I am more or less always playing, watching or following sport. For me I find it engaging and when I am playing I just get lost in my own world. It is a good way of exercising and keeping fit as other ways can be less enjoyable. I think for kids my age sport is necessary as for many of them it is the only exercise they get. Umpteen kids spend most of their time playing video games […]

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What I want to be in the future

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  A question heard around 106 times a month by young people around the world: “what do you want to be when you’re older?” There are several reasons why I despise answering this question, the main reason being: it’s far too vague and ambiguous.  I want to be positive, I want to experience different aspects of life, and I want to learn about myself… If one’s argument to that would be “I meant job-wise, what you want to do as a career?” then I should […]

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The Pineapple Lounge

    This month we’ve been excited to launch our new methodology KIDS-VISION. Harnessing the qualities of the robust, compact, and high quality Go-Pro camera, we’ve rolled this into several techniques to bring clients directly into kids’ world.   This is a game changing approach is enabling us to observe and be part of occasions that traditionally can be disturbed by the researcher effect. For the first time we’re seeing things like play time, shopping dynamics, screen time and meal times from a whole new […]

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Youth Marketing Conference 2014

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TPL - The Pineapple Lounge

“Youth market turned off by information overload from digital and social media”   Today’s youth is not nearly as enamoured with digital and social media as conventional marketing wisdom would suggest, according to a panel of 16- to 24-year-olds speaking at Marketing magazine’s Youth Marketing Conference. The panel of five youth consumers said that belying the stereotype of young people glued to their LCD screens, they felt a greater desire to live “in the real world, where you’re not put in a silo”.   Harriet, […]

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Second Screening

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    Check out our Second Screening film that we just presented at the Children’s Media Conference!      

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Charlotte on the Hello Flo Ad…

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This year we have had 16 year old Charlotte, a bona fide miniMD for the last three years doing work experience with us at TPL towers. She gave us her low-down on the hilarious ‘Hello-Flo’ sanitary ad currently doing the rounds. Read her very articulate and well thought out post below…     ‘First Moon Party’ ‘Hello Flo’s’ hilarious follow up advertisement   After the success of last year’s ‘Camp Gyno’ advertisement and the exploration of the ‘red badge of courage’ (perhaps not how I’d […]

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