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Tom, Age 14 – Gaming Blog: Me & Gaming

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I love games, hence the whole of this blog will be based on gaming.  At The Pineapple Lounge (TPL) I created a presentation on gaming over a week’s work placement, as well as learning about what TPL does and helping out here and there with various things.  It was an insanely good experience, I loved it!


Gaming has become a great interest of mine and very many others of my generation.  I’ve been in love with technology from as far back as I can remember, I find it absolutely fascinating – not in a dorky way, I think it’s super, super cool, especially the new stuff!  It’s incredible seeing what’s been created by people all over the world, which is why I love going to exhibitions like The Gadget Show, which are just filled with exciting new pieces of tech and mind blowing science.


I love gaming because in an imaginary world, there are no limits, everything’s fake which means there are no important consequences.  When I was younger I had a Nintendo DS console and it came with Nintendogs: a real time pet video game which is all about keeping your dog (I had a Dalmatian!) happy. The DS made journeys something to be enjoyed and parents seem to see the positives of that!  I started playing PlayStation and Xbox games next, at home and at friends’ houses; we had some fun family games at first but FIFA is the favourite that’s stood the test of time, probably because it is released every year and using ‘Microsoft Points’ you can unlock new features and improve your game.  Mind you, that’s a whole lot more pocket money the industry is getting out of us!


The gaming industry gets really bad press at times, probably because the most publicised and promoted games seem to be 18+ category ones which include violence and bad language, such as Call of Duty or Assassins Creed.  The games are controversial because of course teenagers want to play them and a lot of people believe that graphical video games such as these can affect the players’ behavior.  In my opinion, the games have to be realistic or people wouldn’t want to play them – maybe some people are more sensitive than others but in general I think that games may be being given the blame for problems that are already there in society.


On a lighter note, I love playing online with my friends and my favourite game is definitely Minecraft.  There’s nothing you can’t do, simply because the basic idea is so simple and massively open to change online, so people can manipulate the game to be exactly how they want it.  You can play other games inside Minecraft (e.g. The Hunger Games) and time flies when you play, you get so into it.  It is fun because you are constantly solving problems and have to be really focused, as you are doing lots of things at the same time to make sure you survive.  You do much better on Minecraft when you team up with other people and I play online with people I’ve met all over the world. It’s really interesting to make friends in America and Australia and we all have the something in common. In Minecraft, kids experiment, take risks and learn from their mistakes in a fun and engaging environment. I mostly game on my iMac now, since I barely ever use consoles, however I’m planning to invest in a new one relatively soon because I’ve spotted some pretty cool games coming out!


In the future, I’d love to see games that you can literally be inside of, by putting on some kind of mask or head gear, which takes you into a new realm, like you’re really there! I know this idea has already been thought of, but I’d like to see it in shops and on websites for the general public to buy affordably. At the moment you only really see it at shows, online or on the TV.  It would make gamers’ experiences truly graphic and out of this world.


To wrap up, thanks TPL for your time and efforts, I enjoyed a peak into your world, an amazing week, and lovely people, fab! 🙂


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