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Charlotte on the Hello Flo Ad…

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This year we have had 16 year old Charlotte, a bona fide miniMD for the last three years doing work experience with us at TPL towers. She gave us her low-down on the hilarious ‘Hello-Flo’ sanitary ad currently doing the rounds. Read her very articulate and well thought out post below…



‘First Moon Party’

‘Hello Flo’s’ hilarious follow up advertisement


After the success of last year’s ‘Camp Gyno’ advertisement and the exploration of the ‘red badge of courage’ (perhaps not how I’d describe getting my period), Hello Flo – a monthly delivery service providing all the essentials in a subtly designed period pack – have once again ‘pinned the pad on the period’ with this one. Their comical commercial adds light-heartedness to a slightly tabooed topic and offers a unique take on the whole period thing.


This time, however, the precocious child has the opposite problem: her period won’t come. I believe this advert works because everyone (regardless of whether they’re an official ‘blood sister’ or not) can relate to the pre-pubescent feeling of being outgrown by your friends. It’s natural to compete with your peers and periods are especially frustrating for those ‘late bloomers’ among us as, as the young lady in question finds out, no number of groin exercises can stimulate your first period.


Mum too, is given a much more interesting role in this advertisement. She fights back. And the outcome is too much! She is probably my favourite character in this ad as I can’t help but imagine my own mum taking on the job of trying to find me a ‘vagina cake’ and a ‘uterus piñata’ (must say I’m very glad we didn’t see what was inside that one…) for my very own ‘First Moon Party’. It presents a witty, smart and sassy mother who used her head to come up with the arguably the best punishment for lying. Possibly ever. Her daughter had to endure grandpa ‘bobbing for ovaries like a champ’ – enough said.


I only mention this because a lot of period product adverts involve a stunning, young lady who can’t seem to imagine anything more fabulous than getting her period and being able to wear her super luxurious, ultra thick sanitary towels which ankly look like nappies in real life. If this really is the case, said woman really needs to get out more! Going to an all girls’ school I can safely say that doing extra homework, outside surrounded by bugs, IN THE POURING RAIN is more fun than getting your period, or as Khloe Kardashian so elegantly put it – having an alien inside of you beating your uterus. This is my opinion and that of every other female I’ve ever come into contact with, well, EVER.


Sorry, rant over… Back to the ad! The mum offers us an alternative interpretation to the perfect pedestal on which for some odd reason periods have been placed. Her side comments to us in that well known disdainful voice of a mother make her startling grin and aloof comments about ‘vagicians’ (whatever the hell they are) to Katie that much funnier. The closing ‘periods don’t have glitter in’ could not summarise the thoughts of so many befuddled females out there better. Now finally we have an advertisement that doesn’t lie to us about the wonderful feeling of having a period and gives us a side-splitting second to make light of being a woman (whilst also hopefully selling some period starter packs, dubbed by ‘’ as ‘the gift before the gift’).


The terms used in this advert are pure genius. As well as the previously aforementioned ‘blood sisters’, her other friend’s comment of how she now too is a member of the ‘cherry slush club’ is priceless. But it’s probably made even more amusing by the perky, super eager and excited tone in which she declares it in. The brilliant timing of her dad popping out the top of a cake in a red lycra catsuit (the only time a MAMIL – Middle Aged Man In Lycra – is pardoned for this usually heinous crime) yelling ‘SURPRISE!’, in what I can only imagine is supposed to resemble a period ‘surprising’ you, just further adds to the parents’ wit and the ad is taken to another level as many teenage girls will vouch for this – dads and periods DO NOT mix. The nice touch of the ‘Queen Bee’ song creates a great reference to its predecessor, the ‘Camp Gyno’ sketch and the addition of some golden advice from a granddad pouring KETCHUP onto his food just when you think it’s all over finishes this advert on a high. I love this style of comedy and approach to advertising, especially for this type of product and the territory it comes with and I’m so excited to see what they come up next with! But, as a wise old granddad once told us: ‘sometimes you just gotta wait’.



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