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Girl Power and Sass Queens by Holly

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One thing that has been on my mind recently is the concept of role models, and more importantly, their relationship with teenagers.


Having grown up in an increasingly modern and changing society, I have witnessed the evolution of female role models amongst my friends and my fifteen year old sister. Role models are absolutely crucial when growing up, whether they are in the form of a teacher, a family member or a celebrity. The role model could be associated with a passion, such as sport or art, or for fashion sense. But either way, these role models help a young person grow and create a sense of belonging and identity in the whirlwind years of adolescence.


When I was thirteen, my role model was Beyoncé. To me, she was fantastic: strong, beautiful and loved by all. I would dance around my room imitating her sassiness and feel, for a few minutes, on top of the world. I was crazy in love with Beyoncé. As I got older, my admiration for Beyoncé developed into a strong sense of respect: she is a woman who got to the top due to her own determination and hard work, and I realised when you put your mind to something that anything is achievable. I still have a great love for Beyoncé and consider her as one of the many powerful and influential women that grace our world today. But she is not the only woman who has shown strength and determination.



Today, musicians such as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are becoming symbols of female power and sass. My sister recently told me that Nicki Minaj makes her want to work hard at school because Nicki encourages her fans to study and work hard. She encourages girls to embrace their sexuality and bodies and be proud of who they are. She does not promote being stick thin. To me, this is only a positive thing.


But it is not just musicians who have shown the results of girl power. YouTube and vlogger sensation Zoella is another wonderful example of how hard work pays off, and she acts as a positive role model to young girls. I believe that having these strong female role models is really important, especially today when girls are often made to feel insecure due to the popularity of skinniness and flawlessness. The main issue stems from the use of Photoshop, where images of famous women are made to look flawless and unrealistic. It’s almost impossible to look at these beautiful women and not want to run to the shop to buy 100 tubs of Ben and Jerry’s and sob yourself to sleep. However, alongside celebrities starting to embrace the variety of female bodies is the movement going around social media to show untouched photos of women before the photos undergo Photoshop. It’s extremely refreshing to see that Mila Kunis also has bags under her eyes and doesn’t look like a goddess from another world when facing the outside world natural and barefaced.




I like to call these type of role models Sass Queens, a term that amongst my friends has an amusing but positive connotation: we aren’t girls who love pink, play with Barbies and gossip all day long. We are girls who have dreams and ambitions, who want to break away from society’s stereotypes, who want to be independent and successful. The role models I have mentioned in this blog all promote this attitude, and I have seen it help many of my sister’s friends feel united and good about themselves.



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