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Rachel, 15: Fashion Trends & YouTube Vloggers

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I decided to write my blog on how I discover fashion and trends, focusing on YouTube and vloggers, because fashion is something we are constantly surrounded and influenced by and I find it so interesting the way that trends and styles change and circulate. I also wanted to talk about YouTube vloggers and YouTube ‘celebrities’ because although from the outside they all seem the same, there is far more meaning and influence in world of YouTube and blogging than there seems!


This year 90’s fashion trends influenced film & TV, hair styles, accessories, clothes and even apps. For example. flappy bird took an ‘early gaming’ layout but was released on phone and tablet as opposed to console. The trends that stood out the most for girls this year are:


• Jellies and platform sandals
• Loom band bracelets
• Choker necklaces
• Over sized American sports jersey tops
• Scrunchies
• Casio watches
• ‘Geek’ fashion
• Halter crops


Where typically conventional ways of discovering new trends would be through TV, magazines and newspapers, the internet has made it far easier to find and learn more and more, offering various media platforms through which anyone can share and exchange their own creativity.


There are new, more connected ways of finding out new things and getting inspired. The most popular platforms that I personally discover new trends on are social networks such as Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube and to an extent some blogs. They are more convenient than buying magazines as you can view the content straight on your phone or tablet and, if you want to subscribe, you can sign up to online subscriptions easily and usually for free.


This is so much more efficient as you can access hundreds of sources for inspiration; websites such as Facebook use cookies to display adverts based around your shopping and search history, which is another primary way of discovering new fashion trends.


Social networks are like an online diary of images that are entirely based around what the user creates. They are a perfect way for artists – or anyone – to publish their work for people to view and share with the world and you can freely create a personal profile and bank of all yours and other people’s posts. This allows you to express yourself in any way you want to!


YouTube is the perfect place to learn new things, acting as a universal media platform for people to share knowledge and ideas through the creation of tutorials and reviews. Viewers can easily access a massive library of videos on thousands of topics.


YouTube vloggers (video bloggers) are people who share their experiences, knowledge and opinions through video. There are many different types of vlogger, and they explore various topics and fields ranging from gaming to sport, fashion and beauty to art and design, film design to music making – the opportunities are endless!


It is especially easy now for people to create and share their own material online and YouTube is the most popular way to do it. Examples of famous fashion and beauty vloggers are Zoella, Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty. They produce videos giving opinions and demonstrations of new beauty and fashion products, tutorials for hair and makeup, as well as personal videos linked to life and social problems. Many young adults and teenagers, like myself, can view figures like these as role models.


Popular YouTube vloggers are often referred to as ‘YouTube celebrities’; people who have reached ‘YouTube fame’. The same idea applies to people with a large following on Instagram, being ‘Instafamous’. It is strange to compare celebrities with YouTube stars, purely because the way in which they become well-known is entirely different. YouTubers make their own videos and the way in which vloggers address their viewers is entirely different to people speaking on a television. Vloggers appear as though they are talking to you, which creates the sense that they are far closer to you than a celebrity. You can relate with them more because they’ aren’t acting or heavily edited.


YouTube offers an easier way of connecting with people; through comments and subscriptions users can contact each other – including famous vloggers. This puts them on a more personal level with fans than celebrities can as the celebrity life is depicted as very much separate from regular people. With vlogs and unprofessionally made videos, there is a sense of familiarity and viewers can find similarities and things in common with their favourite YouTuber. This, in my opinion, makes YouTube a completely different place to regular TV and the way that it connects and relates with users makes it an enjoyable environment for young people to spend their time online.


I really enjoyed my work experience with TPL, I loved the fun atmosphere and the projects that I was able to help with – including doing my own on whatever I wanted! My week was an amazingly beneficial experience where I learnt new skills and I would love to return again some time 🙂


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