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Meet our newest miniMD…soon to be actress: Theo!

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MiniMD Theo Wozniak-Kay Age 12 What do I love doing? I love spending time with my friends! They can always make me laugh. My special friend is Ava. We met at nursery when we were 2! Every year we go on holiday to Scarborough. That’s where her family live. The last few years we get the train on our own. I create a ‘Bonanza goodie bag’ full of things to amuse us while we’re away. I love chatting to my friends on BBM and Facebook. […]

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MiniMD Christmas wishlists

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Ho ho ho – we have almost one month to go! So the Christmas adverts have started…loving the Sainbury’s one who made me a blubbering wreck, sobbing on the sofa whilst thinking ‘of course I will buy my brussel sprouts with you Sainbos’. You got me. Bravo It is now acceptable to sing Carols (be warned if you do, however, expect many looks of disgust), Jessie J lit the Christmas lights in Oxford Circus…and it is getting blooming freezing… Yes folks – Christmas is coming […]

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