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Girl Power and Sass Queens by Holly

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  One thing that has been on my mind recently is the concept of role models, and more importantly, their relationship with teenagers.   Having grown up in an increasingly modern and changing society, I have witnessed the evolution of female role models amongst my friends and my fifteen year old sister. Role models are absolutely crucial when growing up, whether they are in the form of a teacher, a family member or a celebrity. The role model could be associated with a passion, such […]

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Esme’s blog on on coding

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    My name is Esme and I am 10 years old. I like all things about computers from games to making games. I learnt about coding when I first played Minecraft because I wondered how someone had made the game then I learnt that it as coding.   Coding is basically computers. People use coding to set up computers and all games and software. Software is the instructions that tell a computer what to do. App makers use coding to program their software. Coding […]

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