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Rachel, 15: Fashion Trends & YouTube Vloggers

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The Pineapple Lounge London

  I decided to write my blog on how I discover fashion and trends, focusing on YouTube and vloggers, because fashion is something we are constantly surrounded and influenced by and I find it so interesting the way that trends and styles change and circulate. I also wanted to talk about YouTube vloggers and YouTube ‘celebrities’ because although from the outside they all seem the same, there is far more meaning and influence in world of YouTube and blogging than there seems!   This year […]

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Tom, Age 14 – Gaming Blog: Me & Gaming

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I love games, hence the whole of this blog will be based on gaming.  At The Pineapple Lounge (TPL) I created a presentation on gaming over a week’s work placement, as well as learning about what TPL does and helping out here and there with various things.  It was an insanely good experience, I loved it!   Gaming has become a great interest of mine and very many others of my generation.  I’ve been in love with technology from as far back as I can […]

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